The Marketing Dashboard That Got Me a Seat At The Revenue Table

To earn a seat at the revenue table, you need a marketing dashboard that shows your bottom-line contributions.

Ryan Narod (Head of Marketing at Mutiny) and Ben Davis (Head of Revenue & Operations at Coefficient) share the dashboards that earned them a seat at the revenue table.

About the Event

This session will show you how to earn a seat at the revenue table at your company using a marketing dashboard that connects your work directly to bottom-line revenue.

  • Just in time for annual planning: How should marketers think about setting goals and why dashboards are important. Operations are your friends!
  • Accountability that sticks: The rituals to get people to care - breaking down the human psychology of reporting and alignment.
  • How to get your team to care: Walk-through some incentive structures for marketing teams to reinforce accountability so you hit your targets quarter after quarter. 




Featured Speakers

Ryan Narod
Head of Marketing @ Mutiny

Ryan Narod headshot-square

Ben Davis
Head of Revenue & Operations @ Coefficient